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The orchestra is a pearl for Udine and Friuli Venezia Giulia, and in more than ninety concerts so far held in Italy and abroad has received enthusiastic public consolations, involved in the beauty of the sounds and the extraordinary scenic presence of a so numerous harp group.
A reality born of a person, Patrizia Tassini , who knows how to convey an extraordinary enthusiasm.
The ensemble is expanding: 17 early 2004 components, in 2014 there are 23 arpists and 3 harpists, promising young people, all students or former students of Professor Tassini.
The ensemble has five musical productions, two of which are available during the concerts:

  • The first recorded live during the Concert organized by the Equal Opportunity Commission, Udine, Parliament Hall of the Udine Castle, in December 2005.
  • The second one, entitled "Classic &", features classic songs and movie music.
  • The third, entitled "Dances", ranges from the Slavic dance of Dvorak to Avanera of Bizet to South American music.
  • The fourth is a collection of the most beautiful soundtracks from Piovani's "Life is Beautiful" to "Mission impossible" by Mullen to "Everyone Wants to Do Jazz" from the movie "The Aristogatti".
  • The fifth and final is a collection of Christmas songs and classics such as the Haendel Passacaglia or The Swan of Saint Saens.

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